Why Summer Camps?

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Since the early 1900’s summer camps have been apart of our society and culture. While we still today retain many of the wonderful experiences that those camps offered (time outside, skill building, etc), the industry of summer camp has changed and grown in the last 100 years. Summer camp is still about the great experiences however it now incorporates experiences that have become vital in our modern world; we unplug children, we teach them how to build strong friendships, we teach how to be a part of a team. Summer camp teaches children skills for life that they cannot get in many other places. And as always, its a lot of fun!

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Camp Motorsport is more than just driving. Our campers grow many skills that aren’t just about how fast they can drive (don’t worry, they get that too!). I always think about our single cylinder engines class, where campers learn the basic skills to maintain and repair a small engine. Oil changes, spark plug changes, replacing a pull cord, are all things that our go-karts need. They are also things that your car or your lawn mower need. Campers learn to fix these issues, and not only that, they learn to do it while having fun.

Summer Camp Motorsport

I am incredibly proud to be a part of the summer camp industry and the camp programs that we offer in Virginia. I count myself lucky to be a part of the positive experience summer camp is for young people, helping guide them as they grow into confident, intelligent and passionate young adults. If you do one thing this year, send your child to summer camp, any summer camp and you will see your child learn amazing things, make new friends, become more independent and grow in confidence.

Camp Motorsport Summer Camps

The Cost of Summer Camps

We want every child to experience summer camp and we want to make it as affordable as possible. Therefore we have lots of ways to reduce the cost of camp.

Early Bird Registration – Signup you child before March 31st 2020 and you will automatically save $100 of each enrolled session of camp.

Refer a Friend – Does your camper have a friend who wants to attend one of our programs? If you get another child to sign up for camp then you will receive $100 per referral toward your camper’s tuition and the camper you referred will receive $50 towards their tuition. Once you are registered if you have a friend who wants to attend then give them the promo code Friends2020 and then contact our summer camp register at registrar@gdi.org and we will instruct you how you can apply the savings.

Sibling Discount – Save $100 on each additional sibling who registers for any of our programs. Simply sign up and the discount will automatically apply to your account.

Military Discount – Simply send us a copy of a military ID and then use the promo code Military2020 and you will save $100 when you register.

Contact our business office at 888-836-1212 if you have more questions about other options for financial assistance. There are still more options!

If you would like to check out our other programs visit: Camp CHOP or AstroCamp Virginia.
If you want some other camp experience then we recommend visiting American Camp Association

I truly hope to see you and your child this summer at Camp Motorsport!

Written By: John Swanwick