Go-karting is an unbelievable experience. The pure joy and exhilaration of racing around the track is a truly one-of-a-kind adventure. However, when partaking in extreme sports there is an extra element of caution that should never be overlooked. Although a serious accident is rather unlikely, it’s much better to be safe than sorry. At the end of the day wouldn’t you rather be saying to yourself, “oh turns out I didn’t even need that” rather than “I wish I would’ve just done this”.

To help keep you safe and sound on the track, the team at Camp Motorsport wanted to offer up a few go-kart safety tips so that the next time you’re out there the only thing you’ll have to worry about is keep those fellow racers of your tail.

Go-Karts Are Not Toys

Go-karts are awesome and meant to be enjoyed, but at the same time these are motorized vehicles that can be potentially dangerous if you don’t know how to properly handle them. The staff at Camp Motorsport ensures that every camper that steps foot at camp knows this, as every rider must first adhere to a proper safety education training before they can get into one of our karts. Having fun will also be our number one mission, but all we ask that you acknowledge and respect these go-karts before jumping on the track.

Always Wear a Helmet

This should be a no-brainer (no pun intended). Fortunately, all licensed commercial go-kart tracks require a helmet to be worn at all times, as head and neck injuries can be very serious. Even you drive on private raceway, you should still adhere to wearing a helmet as it may very well likely safe your life in the event of an accident. When choosing a helmet it’s best to find one that slides completely over your head and locks underneath the chin. Likewise, make sure that the model you select either covers the face or has a see-through visor to protect against any debris that could possibly ricochet back towards you.

Long Hair? Tie it Up

Since most go-karts have you sitting very low to the ground, you should always make sure that there’s a zero-percent chance that your hair could get caught or stuck on any part of the kart such as the axel or wheels. For anyone who loves to frequent the race track, our suggestion would be adopting a shorter hairstyle just to be safe. On the flip side, if this is your first time at the raceway with long hair then try wrapping it in tight bun so that it fits entirely within your helmet.

Don’t Wear Baggy or Loose Clothing

The potential threat of long hair might not apply to everyone, but in that same sense baggy or loose fitting clothing can be just as dangerous to every racer. T-shirts with low-hanging sleeves and jewelry such as necklaces or chains should all be removed before getting on the track. Best practice is to make sure that the attire you plan on wearing is fit and snug at all times. If you plan on racing frequently, investing a tight-fitting tracksuit is a great idea as it can offer even more protection in a number of different ways.

Racing with Camp Motorsport

Keep in mind that these go-kart safety tips are just a few of the many that we make sure everyone at Camp Motorsport adheres to. Whether you’re just looking for a fun excursion on the track or hoping to become the next Lewis Hamilton, Camp Motorsport is the best spot to get it in gear. Check out our early bird enrollment specials for the summer of 2022. We look forward to seeing you all there!

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