One-of-a-Kind Paved Tracks

  • Only summer camp in Virginia with a paved go-kart track
  • Timing system that allows for easily displayed progress
  • Personalized instruction
  • Live racing analytics
  • Wet and dry driving practice
  • Electronic flagging system for improved safety and communication

Birel Go-Kart Specifications

  • Birel ART N-35 XR GT with Honda GX-270 engine
  • 145kg (lighter than all the competitors in the market)
  • Adjustable seat mount and pedal to customize for camper safety and comfort
  • Slowing Down Brake System (SDBS)
  • Innovated exhaust system to increase performance and reduce CO2 emissions and noise
  • Upgraded headrest and seat belts for added safety

Off-Road Tracks and Trails

  • Learn vehicle and driving awareness
  • Build confidence in varied driving conditions (weather)
  • Learn gear ratio (shifting gears)
  • Lead your own trail (2-week program only)
  • Basic field repairs (2-week program only)

Baja 400 Dirt Buggy Specifications

  • 400cc single cylinder motor
  • 5-speed sequential transmission
  • Fully independent suspension
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Pull down window safety nets
  • 4-wheel disc breaks

Motorsport STEM

Camp Motorsport has set itself apart from other go-kart and off-road programs by utilizing hands-on activities where campers don’t even realize they are learning! Our new Motorsport STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) sessions are engaging and interactive, enabling campers to guide their own learning at their own pace. Campers will delve into the inner workings of modern engines, exploring what makes them run and learning the basics of small engine repair. They will also have opportunities to build and test a go-kart, explore aerodynamics of racing using our purposefully designed wind tunnel, and learn about the physics of downhill dynamics.

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