I want to be a motorsport instructor?

Do you have experience with motorsports? Do you have experience teaching children? Then you could be the perfect fit as a Camp Motorsport Instructor. Click the link below to learn more and apply.

Camp Motorsport Instructor
coaching a kart driver
coaching a kart driver

Would I make a good camp counselor?

Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer playing children on 406+ acres of beautiful grass and woodland nestled in the rolling hills of Virginia? Well, unfortunately, being a summer camp counselor is not for everyone. There is an immense amount of responsibilities and a tremendous amount of expectations placed on your shoulders.

Being a counselor is both physically and mentally draining. Please click the button below and thoroughly read this document if you would be a valuable member of our counseling team.

Would I Make A Good Camp Counselor?
camp counselor holding campers

FAQs For Staff

Now that you know you would make an excellent camp counselor you probably have more questions. Please click the button below to learn more. After reading this document if you have additional questions contact our summer camp director, John Swanwick, by email.

Frequently Asked Questions
counsellor coaching campers
counsellor coaching campers

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