Happy Campers and Parents

Astro camp was an amazing experience. I met some amazing new friends.My favorite parts about camp were making new friends and the space station simulation underwater in the pool. I liked how there were only seven girls so we were all in the same cabin.We all got own bed.We each got the top and bottom bunk.My favorite experiment was when we used glasses to see light refracts into different colors.We learned how white light is made of all the colors except black,brown and gray.The underwater space simulation was super amazing.We wore wetsuits,goggles so we could see and snorkels so we could breath.We gathered pieces to build a communication tower.After we played in the pool with out the wetsuit.We tried to see who could push the ball down and keep it down.The one thing that I would like to have next year is the cooking class.

- Jaliyah B

Dear Charlie, I am writing to thank you so much for hosting my group this weekend. John and his team were absolutely fantastic and the event exceeded my expectations in every possible manner. I had hoped to do some team/community building with my students by visiting Camp Motorsport and Astro Camp and I can assure you that this was achieved in the finest fashion. When we returned to our camp and relaxed around the campfire,the stories of the activities at Camp Motorsport dominated the conversation.Needless to say,these students now have a sense of community forged in their shared experiences that will last them a very long time.

I cannot thank John,Emil and Anthony enough for the utterly professional,congenial,and customer-centered experience that they delivered to my students and me.It became crystal clear to me that John is very passionate about his work and that surely leads to some phenomenal learning opportunities for your campers.I told John that when my son Henry turns 8 in three years,he will be coming to Astrocamp!

I am hopeful that we can hove other opportunities to collaborate in the future and I am very pleased to spread the word about the good work that your team does. I will also spread the word about camp staffing opportunities if you like.We have 4500 undergraduates here at Longwood and certainly a number of them would find your camp fascinating as a place to work.

- Bates and Brian

John, Thanks so much for all that reassurance!
I am feeling great about all that you told me and if I can just chat briefly with a parent,that will really make me feel comfortable.There’s no rush at all – and I can also contact someone proactively if that’s easier.Just let me know.The number I gave you is our home number and is probably the best place to react me.I don’t think an actual tour of the camp is necessary.
It makes complete sense that you wouldn’t have peanut butter!I should have thought of that.
I have to say,also,that your helpful responses speak volumes about your camp,as well.I appreciate your time and am excited about the prospect of sending William to spend a week at Astrocamp next summer.He is very excited,too.
Have a great day.

- Alicia S

My son just returned from a two week sleepaway here. He had an amazing time! The grounds are gorgeous, the buildings are well maintained and the staff is top knotch! They are a Motorsport camp, so all things car related, perfect for my 12 year old who is obsessed with cars. They also host an Astro camp for those whose interest is space. While my son was there they did tons of driving on and off road, built rockets and launched them, did star gazing with the telescopes they have there, learned car mechanics, and so much more, including camp stuff:bonfires, swimming, sports, etc. Another pro was the ban of electronics; no iPads, video games, phones, etc. They keep the kids so busy, they won’t miss them. One nice touch was the Thank You card they had the kids write home to parents. A courtesy I have always had my son perform, a good lesson in gratitude.

Everyone working there was very personable, kind and helpful. They posted photos of the days activities each night. Any email to camp staff, both leading up to and during camp, was always responded to in a timely manner.
This camp was perfect for my kid. He really thrived here. I was nervous, it being his first sleepawau experience, but he had no problems whatsoever and made friends easily with other campers. He’s already looking forward next year. I may have to stowaway in his suitcase so I can go too!

- Regina C.

My son just attended the 2 week session and absolutely loved it! He can not stop talking about everything he learned and the things he did. This is a great camp! I was really impressed at how engaged the leaders were. They seem to really love what they do and it showed! Thank you Camp Motorsport! He had a great time and requested that we send him back every year!

- Teresa F

Omer had such a great time!!! Thank you Camp MotorSports and see you next year

- Sharon T

Hi John, Thanks so much for your patience and for making sure Ben had a wonderful camp experience!
We aren’t missing anything, but we did come home with an extra sheet. It’s large and has a white-on-white stripe. He was in Charlie 3 for session 4 and we’re happy to send it along to its owner if you can share the address.
Looking forward to seeing you next year!

- Holli H

John, Without being certain Ty’s would be the one that got shipped back to us I think I’ll just let it go. Ty had an incredible time at your camp so thanks to you and your staff for all of your efforts.

- Amy S

Thanks, John, and both he and Gwyn will be back. This camp is a blast and they just love it!
No worries about anything left behind, if anything. Donate away!

- Christine P.L

Thank you for the email. Michael has not left anything behind.
For next year will you be sending out a link to register as soon as registration is open for 2019? Michael had such a fantastic time that he is excited to return next year and would love to register for week 1 so he can reconnect with his group. Also, my 7 year old (who will be 8 before next summer) was interested in going next year as well so we most likely will be signing him up for the space camp.
Looking forward to next summer. Enjoy the rest of the year and an “Early” happy, healthy, Holidays!!!!

- Ellen M

We trusted the counselors and camp in general based on the professional and caring and very friendly attitudes of the staff we encountered. Communication was great too. Thank you so much for providing such a great camp and oppurtunity for children.

We cannot thank you all enough. This camp was a huge milestone for our son since it was his first sleep away camp. We were impressed from the minute we arrived. The staff was friendly and everything was so well organized. It was relaxed and check-in was a breeze. Throughout the week the communication from you all and Tucker was incredible.
When we picked him up, again, so friendly and well-organized! The lead chef obviously got to know Tucker and was so very kind in his words and brags about how well Tuck did during the week. Tuck was so good to go. He cannot wait to come back next summer and the chef had mentioned an advanced course you may be offering!
We, as parents, are so appreciate of your emails, photos, the campanion app and phone calls. You guys were fantastic!
Take care,
Melissa and Chris Bugaj

- Melissa and Chris B

My son, Jae Yi, just returned from a week at Astro camp in Virginia. We were a bit nervous sending Jae away for a week since he has never been away from home and has ADHD and anxiety. His energy and worries can get the best of him so life can have its challenges and we were not sure what to expect. Jae can’t stop talking about his amazing experience at your camp.The counselors were not only extremely patient, but fun and engaging. They understood Jae and helped him throughout the week which provided him with an unforgettable experience. His two cabin counselors were Jimmy and Gage and I’m certain Jae camp with each person we met at drop off and pick up.

Jae will be back for the motor sports camp next summer. He also may bring his sister for the cooking camp! Thank you for taking such good care of Jae this week.
Dae and Doreen

- Dae and Doreen

So, Jaclyn had a BLAST at Astrocamp! She can’t wait to go back, and things she wants to do CHOP one week with it!!
Did she get a package? One of our relatives sent something, not realizing campers can’t get packages.

Thank you!

- Janine D

Cassie had a fantastic time at camp and I wanted to give you all outstanding ratings, but for some reason the survey won’t let me check any of the ratings.I think there is some sort of glitch.

- Mark

As an educator who works closely with our state National Alliance on Mental Illness as a trainer and advocate, I am thrilled your staff participated in YMHFA! This is the first year our daughter will attend your camp, and now I am even more excited about the experience she will have.

Kudos for recognizing the importance of mental health awareness and taking action!

- Lawanda B

A once in a life time experience from 8yrs to 14yrs. Or can be part of your summer holidays educational fun… every year …..for the next 10 years at least.. Astronomy can shape your life… & your future.

- Maggie S.

Our son had an amazing week at Astrocamp this summer. We were so impressed with the camp, staff, programs, daily photos… the entire experience was awesome!

- Hilary O.

Everyone was very friendly and the grounds were awesome very well maintained! I really wish I could have seen where my son was going to sleep but that was not an option.

- Ann W.

My daughter can’t stop talking about what an amazing time she had!!! She had fun learning, and made great new friends. She said the counselors were awesome and made camp fun. Thank you AstroCamp!!!!

- Shawna R.

My children attended camp for 2 days with their school and absolutely loved it. not only did they really enjoy all of the fun activities but they talked a lot about how awesome and kind the staff was while they were there. thank you all!!!

- Cindy R.H.

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Camp Motorsport was recently named one of the best summer camps in Virginia for 2021 by Summer Camp Hub!

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