Camp Motorsport Housing Policies

At Camp Motorsport, we believe meeting new people is an essential part of the camp experience. We encourage you and your camper to think of camp as an opportunity to meet as many new friends as possible. Our housing policies reflect this value.

Summer camp is a great way to develop life skills, especially friend-making skills.

  • Roommate requests are NOT guaranteed. We will do our best to accommodate reasonable requests.
  • Roommates must be of the same gender and within the scope of the following definitions: ages 9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15
  • Campers will be housed in cabins with other campers who are as close to their age as possible. We cannot guarantee they will be exactly the same age.
  • Roommates are grouped by AGE, NOT SCHOOL GRADE. This applies to all campers, including those who have skipped grades. The age cutoff date is August 31st.
  • Campers will NOT be moved up to the next age group.
  • Only reciprocal roommate requests are granted. Please make arrangements with friends at least one month prior to camp. Requests can be made on your online camper application.
  • Campers may be in a mixed cabin with campers from Camp Motorsport, AstroCamp, and Camp CHOP, as we believe this helps create a “united camp” feeling and helps avoid cliques and bullying.


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