Here at Camp Motorsport, we’re all about giving our campers the experiences that build confidence, creativity, and collaboration skills, while having fun with friends. Here are five of our favorite summer camp activities that help our campers overcome fears and boost self-esteem. 

1. Go-Karting

Go-karting can be very intimidating to some, but at Camp Motorsport we encourage our campers to explore this activity in a safe and controlled environment. Spinning out or coming in last doesn’t mean failure, it means our campers took a risk, gave it their all, and will only get better with practice!

Go-karting forces our campers to adopt a responsible and positive mindset to make decisions fast and assess obstacles quickly. This improves essential skills like decision-making and risk assessment in their daily life.

Not to mention when you tackle a challenge and succeed nothing feels better, and we’re lucky enough to witness these confidence boosts, daily, during Camp Motorsport.   

2. LARPing

LARPing stands for Live Action Role Playing and is a great way for kids to practice and improve upon their social skills. LARPing is offered as an elective activity during our camps and has been shown to help our campers get out of their comfort zones and connect with others. 

LARPing also proves to enhance children’s ability to empathize and support one another. Not only is this beneficial in the world of racing, but it is also crucial in everyday life. These skills allow a child to feel more comfortable with themselves and others, boosting their confidence.   

3. Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is definitely up there as one of the rather daring summer camp activities, but this venture teaches children to trust others, but most importantly trust themselves — which is the key to confidence.

Camp Motorsports offers axe throwing as an elective activity that campers can choose to participate in during their time at camp.  

4. Culinary Arts

Culinary arts is often an overlooked summer camp activity that can really make a big impact on your child’s confidence. The practice of learning to cook promotes language development, cooperation, following directions, sequencing, and more! 

Did you know that Camp Motorsports offers Culinary Arts as an elective summer camp activity? Take some time off the track to prep a delicious meal or snack!  

5. Team Building

Something that all of the above-listed activities have in common is that they are best done with a partner or team! Here at Camp Motorsports, we want our campers to make connections that last a lifetime, so all of our activities are centered around the collaboration and teamwork of our campers.

Working in supervised teams means that your child’s voice is heard. And when kids understand their voices are respected and valued, they gain the self-confidence they need to carry them through their relationships with others outside of camp settings.

About Camp Motorsport

Camp Motorsport is perfect for kids and teens that love driving and want a memorable summer full of thrilling adventures. We take pride in always ensuring our campers have a fun, engaging, educational, and above all, safe time as they try new things and make new friends.

Think that Camp Motorsport is the place for you or your child? To learn more, read about our camp program options and explore life at camp!    

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