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Camp Motorsport’s summer camp is an exciting and dynamic motorsport-focused summer camp.  We offer one-week sessions for boys and girls ages 9 to 17 and two-week sessions for ages 12-17. Located on 406 acres of beautiful rolling meadow, our camp is bordered by the staunton river surrounded by woods a short distance from the town of Clover, Virginia. We have over 1.5 miles of paved go-kart track and 20 miles of off-road track and trails. Campers receive both basic and expert instruction based on their years at camp and length of stay.

Camp Motorsport’s summer camp gives campers the tools they need to build confidence and become proficient drivers. They take their skills to the next level through expert instruction in the classroom and on the track with lots of daily driving time. They learn basic driving techniques like determining driving lines and proper hand placement to more advanced techniques such as threshold braking. Campers are housed in comfortable climate controlled cabins. Our staff are standing by to help you register for camp.  Sign up online, email us or call 888-836-1212.

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Our Tracks

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Camp Motorsport’s go-kart track is over 1.0 miles of paved perfection. It allows campers to master learned skills and dramatically increase track time on a daily basis.

The track consists of 15 unique turns and can be run in 3 distinctive configurations. It keep campers on their toes and offers new challenges.

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Camp Motorsport sleepaway summer camp

Off Road Tracks & Trails

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This summer, you’ll experience 20 miles of wooded trails for off-road driving. The levels of terrain difficulty range from our beginners loop to leading the forest trails. Our terrain will challenge even the most experienced off-road driver!

Trails vary in lengths and drive times and can be configured for a wide variety of driving experiences from hill climbs to swamp and creek crossings!

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Learning Racing Science

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When not driving, campers get hands-on experience with the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) aspects of automotive design. From what makes a NASCAR pit crew tick to the mechanics of how internal combustion engines work, campers gain valuable knowledge and insight into the science of motorsports.

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Summer Camp Fun

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In addition to the core activities and elective programs, every evening we plan events to build friendship and community.

These programs are social, interactive, and engaging and can include campfires, team building, and treats. For more information on what to expect go here.

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Camp Motorsport sleepaway summer camp racing fun

From Campers & Parents:

Teresa F.Parent

My son just attended the 2 week session and absolutely loved it! He can not stop talking about everything he learned and the things he did. This is a great camp! I was really impressed at how engaged the leaders were. They seem to really love what they do and it showed! Thank you Camp Motorsport! He had a great time and requested that we send him back every year!

Dana L.Mom

My son was there that first week and the first thing he said to me when I picked him up was "Mom, I want to go back next year." He had the best time so I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who makes this camp such a wonderful place.

Carol C.

Anyone who wants to send their kids to an AWESOME summer camp with ALOT of cool counselors and kids from all over the world, THIS IS THE CAMP to go to! You won't be disappointed!

Jim H.Past Employee

It was a super awesome summer! Even in the garage.

Sharon T.Mom

My son had such a great time!!! Thank you Camp Motorsports and see you next year❤️


My son returned from the two week sleepaway camp and had a great time! The grounds are gorgeous, the buildings are well maintained and the staff is top notch! They are a Motorsport camp, so all things car related. perfect for my 12 year old who is obsessed with cars. They also host an AstroCamp for those whose interest is space. While my son was there they did tons of driving on and off road, build rockets and launch them, did star gazing with the telescopes they have there, learned car mechanics, and so much more, including regular camp stuff: bonfires, swimming, sports, etc...The is camp was perfect for my kid...

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